a room of one’s own with a view

In August, this apartment, which has never really felt like mine, will become mine for real. My last roommate is moving downstate, and I am not replacing him. This apartment is huge for one person, and I am so excited about the space and the silence. Or, rather, the space and my noise alone.

I have invited Wancy to come home and live here while he writes and figures out where he wants to go next–Wancy is plagued by wanderlust and a deep, itching curiosity about Other Places, so I never expect him to stay in one place for long, especially not home. I would love to share my space with Wancy. This used to be, after all, his space. But if he doesn’t come here next, I will begin the process of expanding my silence to fill all the spaces.

It’s too early to be hoping for autumn, but I am already.


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