ice cream or nothing

“Ice-cream is exquisite.  What a pity it isn’t illegal.”  Voltaire

Influenza Sorbet

“Cayenne pepper, ginger, bourbon, honey, and cold- and flu-fighting orange and lemon juices.”

I’m not really an ice-cream person. I like it ok, just not enough to seek it out on purpose. Stefan lost his shit over Jeni’s flavors, which are lovely (although the texture could be improved, I always thought). He’d buy all the different kinds, so I tried a bunch, but I pretty much only ever liked the Queen City Cayenne enough to want it actively, so have never ordered Jeni’s ice-creams online. I would occasionally buy it at Fox and Obel if Stefan were driving me home right from there. It takes me about an hour and a half using the buses to get home from F&O, so I haven’t had it in a long while (it would melt, right?). But the Influenza Sorbet has changed all that. It’s too bad there isn’t a Yellow Fever Custard or a Consumption Glacé, because I think I may have one of those ailments right now. Malarial Gelato.

Also happened-upon: Vanilla Cedar Wood.

What! Cedar is one of the smells which turns me a little feral. So I had to get that too. I can’t say I would ever have imagined such a thing as cedar ice-cream, but I have no trouble imagining how amazing it might be. I also just realized that it’s probably going to taste the way my perfume smells, because Burberry’s heart and base notes include cedar, vanilla, and amber. This may be my dream ice-cream, the ice-cream that finally turns me into a ice-cream person.

So, package day is going to double as ice cream day this week. Or triple, I guess, as it’s also dinner party day.


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