a melody played in a penny arcade

I’m having a dinner party for work friends. It’s the first time I’ve invited any of them to my house, which is strange for me–usually it’s one of the first things I do when meeting a new friend, “Come to my house, I’ll make you dinner,” but I just haven’t with these guys. Part of it is that they all live pretty far away from me; it’s not like when Tom and Ian and all of us worked together and would just go to my house after work because it was close. Part of it might be that this house still doesn’t feel like my house, and it feels weird to invite people over to someone else’s house.

I mean, this is definitely my house. But the old apartment was allllll my stuff. Everything I like was everywhere. I haven’t even unpacked most of my stuff from that move, because this apartment was always full of other people’s stuff from the moment I got here, which is fine, of course, it was other people’s apartment too. But I never got around to making it mine, surprisingly. I don’t have shelves for all my books, and half my books are in my parents’ basement, and a quarter are in boxes in the storage space. Very few of my wall things are framed or hanging, although that’s partially from the central air construction which hasn’t quite ended yet. I only just unpacked one closet of stuff last week.

I have so much cardboard from the new bed, and from when Than.E got his big ass computer, that I was going to have to haul it all down little by little, but I think instead that I’m going to make a paper moon set up for my dinner party. And then make everyone take photos. I’ll go get some dark blue paint tomorrow to paint the one wall into a night sky (why use muslin when you can just paint the wall instead?) and then cut out the moon itself, and paint the sucker, and use the leftover cardboard to make the cardboard sea. It . . . might work . . .? I love paper moon photos. I have never found one in an antique store, but I daydream about finding an entire steamer trunk full of them, and then framing them all and covering an entire wall of this house with them.


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