What shoes are you wearing?

9:12 PM Neil: what shoes am I wearing then or now?
9:13 PM me: it’s a question for the ages
9:14 PM Neil: Yes. I AM WEARING SHOES. I am not ashamed.
 me: One has to stand for something
  might as well be shoe-wearing
9:15 PM Neil: This is that internet flirting I have read about, isn’t it? It starts out with what shoes are you wearing and the next thing, we are sending each other photographs of naked people we found on a Google Image Search and claiming that it is us.
 me: oh shoot. I was hoping you wouldn’t know until it was too late.
9:16 PM I’ll have to prey on a more susceptible person
9:18 PM I think you’ll find my uncovered ear most attractive
9:25 PM me: Scandalous! I just took this photo with my webcam. It’s obviously a much more recent photo: http://redroom.com/files/images/Ugly%20Fish_0.jpg
9:26 PM Neil: …Maure?
  I would have known you anywhere.
  No matter how I try, I just can’t fool you!
9:27 PM I was wearing contacts in that last one. I was sure you’d have no idea.
 Neil: You’ve lost weight. And hair.
 me: It was the lips, wasn’t it? So distinctive!
9:28 PM And it looks like yoga is doing you a world of good
9:29 PM Neil: Absolutely.
 me: It’s nice that we’re both just so attractive.
9:30 PM Neil: We are! Especially if we are wearing SHOES.

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