last week before real life starts again

I’ve slept maybe 24 hours in the past two days. Maybe more. I don’t feel super sick or anything, it’s just this crazy extreme fatigue. Maybe a weird flu? Regardless, I keep trying to be adult about it and tell myself it’s time to read the billion pages of astronomy so I can take the first test, which is when I pick up Cherie Priest’s Dreadnought instead. Here’s the important part: I finished it, and it was wonderful, but I think I liked the story of Boneshaker better. No wait, here’s the important part: I have a full load of internet classes this semester, the subjects of which are not things I already know, so cruising on my prior knowledge isn’t going to work this time. So I have that working against me, along with the fact that these are internet classes, which means I have no specific time or particular face to which I must adhere or to whom I must be accountable, respectively. This is a problem, because I’m terrible at self-discipline. I think I was hoping I’d suddenly get serious and be a grown up when it was required of me, but so far, I’ve just been sleeping and reading alternate universe period pieces with zombies and Texians.

So this week, I aim to get serious about the serious stuff. I come back to Chicago on the weekend semi-permanently, so I want to get as much schoolwork out of the way so that I can just be in Chicago for the first week. Go to the boys’ show. See some improv or something. Complain about the bus. You know, Chicagoey things.


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