Money for Inconvenience

Rick Bayless
Rick_Bayless Rick Bayless
O, wht 2 do? Peanuts all thru r kitchen, severe allergy guest. Cnt serve in good conscience, 4 his safety. Says we owe him $ 4 inconvenience
Other reasons to collect an inconvenience fee:
  • height restrictions on roller coasters
  • when Fox and Obel stopped making truffle fries and didn’t notify us in advance and we went there specifically to get them
  • no seats available on the CTA
  • long waits for bartender at bars on weekend nights
  • having to buy new clothes due to weight gained from candy consumption
  • being held up at stoplights by the Don’t Walk signal
  • when there are only two ATMs available and other people got there first — higher fee if only one ATM is available

I wish I had known about the existence of the inconvenience fee. Unemployment would have been much more lucrative.


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